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Best Linux Desktop Themes by SzerencseFia

The progress in Open Source applications and the development of Linux OS resulted in a new generation of computer users or administrators.

In 2004, when I met Linux first, I have decided to join its community and support the progress of Linux by using my skills and creativity.

On this website you will have all the unique of my creation and I wish you joy and fun with your Linux OS and perhaps with my themes. 

LUX Project became a part of Fancy Linux Distribution

Aurora based dark theme for GNOME desktop environment.

For project details and progress, please visit:


Thank you for your understanding.

P.S. this site remains to be development site for Fancy Linux Projects.

Video Tutorials

In order to help you to get easy an eyecandy desktop out of your OS I suggest you to watch some of my video tutorials.

You can do that by downloading and watching high quality and full size videos from my Video Download site.

Previous themes

There is a track of my skill development on theming Linux. Below you can choose for your taste from my previous products.

Soon or later these themes will be upgraded.


Real Minimal Widgets Style

Caramel: The Trend Maker

Light Coffee Family



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